Hypophthalmichthys nobilis - Bighead Carp


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Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Cypriniformes

Family: Cyprinidae








Juvenile Morphology


Adult Morphology


Distinguishing Characteristics 

Bighead carp are unlikely to be confused with native cyprinids due to size and unusual position of the eye. They are most similar to silver carp (H. molitrix) but have a keel that does not extend forward past pelvic fin base, have dark blotches and lack highly branched gill rakers. image\17.jpg




General Biology:



Exhibit schooling behavior image\14.jpg









Life Cycle:














Habitat Characteristics:


Preferred Environment








Water Quality






Native Range

China image\10.jpg


North American Distribution


Bighead carp have been recorded from the following states. However, only those with an asterisk (*) are states that have verified records of established, reproducing populations. Reproducing populations appear to be restricted to large river systems and have been documented in the Big Muddy (Illinois), Black (Louisiana), Cache (Illinois), Kaskaskia (Illinois), Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers. image\2.jpg image\5.jpg image\6.jpg image\8.jpg image\14.jpg image\15.jpg image\18.jpg

Alabama- Alabama, Black Warrior, Mobile, Tallapoosa, Tennessee, and Tombigbee Rivers


Arkansas- Arkansas, Cache, Mississippi, St. Francis, and White Rivers and Bayou Meto

California- Brannin Creek, Tehama Co.

Colorado- Water treatment ponds

Florida- Lake Okeechobee

Illinois*- Mississippi, Ohio, Cache, Big Muddy, and Kaskaskia Rivers and Horseshoe Lake

Indiana- Ohio River

Iowa- Big Sioux, Chariton, Des Moines, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers

Kansas- Kansas, Delaware, Missouri, and Wakarusa Rivers

Kentucky- Ohio River, lower Tennessee River, lower Cumberland River, lower Green River, and Mississippi river

Louisiana*- Atchafalaya River, Lake Providence, Bayou LaFourche, Bayou Courtableau, Prairion Bayou, Bayou Benoit, Mississippi River, Tensas River, Turkey Creek and Red-Ouachita River

Mississippi- Sardis Lake, Mississippi, Pascagoula, Sunflower, and Yazoo Rivers and Mathews Break

Missouri*- Mississippi, Missouri, Osage, and Salt Rivers

Nebraska- Missouri River and Middle Creek

Ohio- Lake Erie

Oklahoma- Grand Lake, Lake Texoma, and Muddy Boggy River

South Dakota- Missouri River

Tennessee- Mississippi, Hatchie, and Tennessee Rivers

Texas- Victor Brauning Reservoir, Red River, and upper Brazos River

West Virginia- Ohio River


Probable Means of Introduction














Control Measures






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