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The management of aquatic and wetland plant species relies on a variety of diverse management strategies. These can be used alone or in combination with others to achieve cost-effective strategies allowing for long-term and sustainable aquatic plant management within an ecosystem context. Several broad categories of management strategies are widely recognized. Such categories include chemical, biological, and mechanical control options.

The information, contained within the control section, provides summary and detailed information on some of the available management techniques for each plant species in APIS. Information can be accessed easily by using the links to the left allowing you to view specific information on each of the available management options. These links will also allow access to a list of control options either by plant species or a total list of all control options in a particular category.

Please note that the management of aquatic and wetland plants is not an easy task and often requires the use of well-trained and licensed professional plant managers. In addition, the use of various management strategies is often site specific requiring a thorough examination of the habitat. The information contained within APIS is intended to provide non-technical personnel a basic understanding of the problem plants and associated management options and not a total “how-to” guide. It is always the best policy to refer to a professional plant manager for information concerning the management of aquatic and wetland plants.