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APIS, Aquatic Plant Information System. The first version of APIS provided identification and management of over 60 species of native and introduced aquatic and wetland plant species, but was only available for use with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Version 2 of APIS is now available and runs on Windows 95 and higher. Many features were added to the system such as increasing the viewing resolution to 800 x 600 to allow for viewing of larger images and a change in the methods used to access plant information. Many users of the system requested that information be available for their particular region. For this reason, plant information can now be accessed by geographical region. This system also provides identification strategies for common management procedures such as chemical, biological and mechanical technologies. Interactive expert systems for the identification of commonly encountered insect herbivores, male Hydrellia spp., as well as several simulation models are also included. APIS is highly interactive and allows rapid and efficient access to the information via hyper-linked text, photographs, maps, videos and illustrations.

PMIS, Noxious and Nuisance Plant Management Information Systems. The current version of PMIS, version 5.0, provides identification information and management techniques for over 110 species of noxious and nuisance vegetation including species from the terrestrial, aquatic, and wetland habitats. This is an increase of over 50 species from the ones included in the previous version. The features that were incorporated into the APIS system described above were also incorporated into this version of PMIS. Information on the application and use of the foremost management techniques is also included. An additional feature of this version of the PMIS is that another interactive information system has been incorporated and can be run directly from the PMIS information manager. This system, entitled "The State Noxious Plant and Pesticide Laws Information System (SNPPLIS)", allows access to noxious weed and pesticide laws as well as noxious weed lists for 40 states. PMIS uses a variety of media types to allow for efficient access to the included information. This includes hyper-linked text, photographs, maps, illustrations, videos, and expert system programming.

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