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Biological Control
Dr. Mike Grodowitz

Identification of New Biocontrol Agents for the Management of Introduced Aquatic Plants
Dr. Mike Grodowitz and Dr. Judy Shearer

Applied Use of Plant Pathogens as Biocontrol Agents
Dr. Judy Shearer

Applied Aspects of Using Insect Biological Control Agents
Dr. Mike Grodowitz and Ms. Julie Nactrieb

Chemical Control
Dr. Kurt Getsinger

Improving Chemical Control in High Water Exchange Environments: Northern Waters
Dr. Kurt Getsinger and Mr. John Skogerboe

Changes in Plant Response to Aquatic Herbicides
Dr. Mike Netherland and Ms. LeeAnn Glomski

Phytotoxicity of New Aquatic Herbicides on Non-target Plants
Dr. Chris Mudge and Ms. LeeAnn Glomski

Ecological Assessment
Dr. Mike Smart

Ecological Approaches to Submersed Aquatic Plant Management
Dr. Mike Smart and Dr. Gary Dick

Management Strategies and Applications
Dr. Linda Nelson

Development of Low-cost Acoustic System for Submersed Plant Mapping
Mr. Bruce Sabol and Mr. John Skogerboe

Management of Aquatic Systems for Preferred Macrophyte Species
Mr. Bill James

Enhancement and Updates to the Aquatic Plant Information System (APISTM)
Ms. Sherry Whitaker

Integrated Use of Herbicides and Insects for Control of Giant Salvinia
Dr. Chris Mudge and Dr. Mike Grodowitz

Using Triploid Grass Carp in an Integrated Weed Management Approach Against Hydrilla
Dr. Phil Kirk and Dr. Jack Killgore

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