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Serving the Nation in Ecosystem Restoration

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  • Environmental Benefits Analysis (EBA)
  • Modeling & Forecasting
  • Ecological Engineering & Design
  • Monitoring & Assessment
  • Technology Transfer

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      Integrating Science and Practice

      Ecosystem restoration has become a primary mission of the US Army Corps of Engineers, which budgets approximately $400-500M a year to restore a wide variety of aquatic systems. Restoration investments will continue to grow because human infrastructure and water extractions will expand, and many rivers will experience significant changes in flow and sediment regimes due to external stressors such as climate and land use change. The demand for sound science-based approaches and technologies will concurrently increase. The Corps and Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) are uniquely positioned and prepared to take on a national leadership role in this regard.

      Contact: Dr. Craig Fischenich or Dr. Dave Tazik

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