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Program Manager: Glenn Rhett
Technical Director: Alfred Cofrancesco
Business Line Manager: Rennie Sherman

The Ecosystem Management and Restoration Research Program (EMRRP) is the Corps' responsive, tactical research and development response to the demand for new and expanding technologies to address the need for ecosystem assessment, restoration, and management activities at the project level. The EMRRP provides rapid, cost-effective technology to meet the Corps' most pressing research and development needs in functional assessment, restoration, and stewardship of high priority ecosystems. The EMRRP is targeted toward ecosystems of particular concern to the Corps, namely: streams, riparian corridors, wetlands, and special aquatic sites. Technologies developed under the EMRRP build upon a sound understanding of ecosystem functions, which lead to sustainable stewardship of Corps resources.



  • Environmental Webinar Series
  • Upcoming
  • Archived
  • Retrospective Evaluation of USACE Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Projects
  • Environmental Benefits Analysis
  • Ecosystem Restoration Gateway
  • Ecosystem Restoration Model Library
  • R&D Statements of Need
  • Ecosystem Planning Center Of Expertise
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