Welcome to the Corps of Engineers 1993 Flood Data

Welcome to our public access/browsing site for data and maps from the 1993 flood of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and their tributaries.

This project was conducted by the Lower Mississippi Valley Division of the Corps of Engineers, with support from the Waterways Experiment Station , Environmental Laboratory

Our most exciting product is GIF Files of Flood Damages.

We are pleased to present summary tables of the data behind the map GIFs at Tables of Damage Data.

You may see a map of the flood extent for the 1993 flood here: Flood Extent Map

Much of our data and most of our mapping bases came from the fine work of the SAST team. Their maps and data are available on the WWW at "http://sun1.cr.usgs.gov/sast/sast-home.html". You may transfer there from here: SAST Home Page.


For information on the US Army Corps of Engineers data on the 1993 flood of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, please send e-mail to kuhnp@smtp.lmv.usace.army.mil, phone us at (601)634-5286 or 5887, or FAX your request to (601)634-7073.

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