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Last Updated: Spring 2011

Synonyms: NONE

Family: Brassicaceae

Home Range/U.S. Introduction:
Hoary cress is a native to Eurasia and is now widespread throughout the United States with the exception of the southeast.

U.S. Range Map:

Species Description:
Hoary cress is an erect perennial with spreading rootstocks. The stems are short hairy below to glabrous at the apex. Basal leaves are oblong, toothed and petioled. Leaves along the stem are sessile and auriculate at the blade base. The flowers are perfect and produced in numerous dense racemes. The petals are white, obovate with a narrow claw. The fruit is a silicle, compressed and broadly ovate to cordate in shape; the seeds red-brown, oval.

Habitat/Growth Characteristics:
The plant is an agggressive perennial that can reproduce by seeds or spread vegetatively by rhizomes. It is common in fields, roadsides, and waste places.

The aggressive nature of this plant allows it to outcompete and displace native species.