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Recreation Management Support Program Bulletins


    Lewis, D.E.. (May 2001). "Reinvention Loboratories Come to Corps Lakes ," Vol R-01-1

    Bryson, B.F.. (May 2001). "Recreation Area Modernization Program (RAMP)," Vol R-01-1

    Graves, M.R.. (May 2001). "High-Resolution Commercial Satellites Offer New Possibilities for Natural Resource Management," Vol R-01-1

    Hamilton, H.R.; Fischer, R.A.. (May 2001). "Do Corps of Engineers Lakes Benefit Neotropical Migratory Birds?," Vol R-01-1


    Kasul, R.L.; Martin, C.O., Jackson, R.S.. (March 1999). "Natural Resources Management on Corps Projects," Vol R-99-1

    (March 1999). "Calendar of Events," Vol R-99-1

    Lewis, D.E.. (March 1999). "Heads Up! OMBIL's Here!," Vol R-99-1

    Lewis, D.E.. (November 1999). "The Pendulum Swings," Vol R-99-2

    Hamilton, H.R.. (November 1999). "Recreation Management Support Program," Vol R-99-2

    (November 1999). "Calendar of Events," Vol R-99-2

    Henderson, J.E.; Roach, B.A.. (November 1999). "Water Reallocation in the Willamette Basin - The Recreation Factor," Vol R-99-2


    (February 1997). "Name Change: Recreation Research Program," Vol R-97-1

    Perales, M.K.. (February 1997). "Measuring the Economic Effects of Corps of Engineers Marina - Slip and Dock - Permit Holders," Vol R-97-1

    Henderson, J.E.. (February 1997). "Ethnic Culture and Corps Recreation Participation ," Vol R-97-1

    Henderson, J.E.. (February 1997). "Measuring the Effects of Recreation Fee Programs ," Vol R-97-1

    Kasul, R.L.; Martin, C.O.. (February 1997). "An Assessment of Natural Resources Managed by the Corps of Engineers," Vol R-97-1

    Titre, J.. (February 1997). "Developing Customer Service Plans ," Vol R-97-1

    Vogel, J.J.; Titre, J.P. . (February 1997). "Comment Card Surveys - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions," Vol R-97-1

    Schaake, J.. (February 1997). ""Dam Watch" News Feature Successful in Alaska District," Vol R-97-1

    Titre, J.P.; Burns, R., Vogel, J.J.. (February 1997). "Developing a Road Map to Address Customer Needs," Vol R-97-1

    (February 1997). "Work Unit Summaries - Recreation Research Program," Vol R-97-1

    Lewis, D.E.. (February 1997). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective-Breaking the Paradigm," Vol R-97-1

    Yann, T.. (February 1997). "Corps Volunteer Clearinghouse," Vol R-97-1

    Dunn, R.. (September 1997). "Native American Focus Groups," Vol R-97-2

    Titre, J., Vogel, J., Chilman, K.. (September 1997). "Workshop: Carrying Capacity for Lakes," Vol R-97-2

    Lookofsky, A.. (September 1997). "Recreation Resource Management News Briefs," Vol R-97-2

    Lewis, D.E.. (September 1997). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspecitve - Report It," Vol R-97-2

    Henderson, J.E.. (September 1997). "If We Charge Them, Will They Come?," Vol R-97-2


    Keshlear, B.. (August 1996). "Corps Recreation Areas on the World Wide Web," Vol R-96-1

    (August 1996). "Awards!," Vol R-96-1

    Martin, C.O., Jackson, R.S., Profitt, R.. (August 1996). "Assessing Corps-Managed Natural Resources," Vol R-96-1

    Lewis, D.E.. (August 1996). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective - Visitor and Ranger Safety Decision, Decisions," Vol R-96-1

    (August 1996). "Gee Honored by American Recreation Coalition," Vol R-96-1

    Peek, T.E.. (August 1996). "Peer Review Process Highlights Innovations at Corps Projects," Vol R-96-1


    (March 1995). "Center for Cultural Site Preservation Technology," Vol R-95-1

    Wilk, K.; White, C.. (March 1995). "Promotional Event at Melvern Lake, Kansas," Vol R-95-1

    (March 1995). "NRRP Research to Address Field Problems," Vol R-95-1

    (March 1995). "NRRP Review Scheduled," Vol R-95-1

    (March 1995). "Calendar of Natural Resource-Related Events," Vol R-95-1

    (March 1995). "NRRP Strategy Document Available," Vol R-95-1

    USACHPPM TODAY. (March 1995). "Back Belts: Not Recommended," Vol R-95-1

    (March 1995). "Have You Used the NRRP?NRTS BBS?," Vol R-95-1

    Lewis, D.E.. (March 1995). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective-News and more News," Vol R-95-1

    (March 1995). "National Survey Shows Link Between Recreation and Happiness," Vol R-95-1

    (August 1995). "NRRP Field Review Group Meeting Held," Vol R-95-2

    Lewis, D.E.. (August 1995). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective-"Opportunity Knocking"," Vol R-95-2

    Tillman, R.K.. (August 1995). "What's So Important about Customer Service?," Vol R-95-2

    (August 1995). "Ethnicity Workshop Held in Dallas," Vol R-95-2

    (August 1995). "Natural Resources Technical Notes Series Announced," Vol R-95-2

    (August 1995). "NRRP Research to Address Field Problems," Vol R-95-2

    (August 1995). "Paintsville Lake, Huntington District, Named Project of The Year," Vol R-95-2

    (August 1995). "Harrington Honored as Empoyee of The Year," Vol R-95-2

    (August 1995). "Ronald G. Rains Receives Recreation Coalition Citation," Vol R-95-2

    Titre, J.; Vogel, J.J.; Burns, R.C.. (August 1995). "Five-Minute Customer Care "Report Card"," Vol R-95-2


    Wahus, D.J.. (February 1994). "Recreation Policy Letters," Vol R-94-1

    Lewis, D.E.. (February 1994). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective - The Only Constant," Vol R-94-1

    Henderson, J., Allen, D.S.. (February 1994). "The Regional Recreation Demand Model - A Tool for Decisionmaking," Vol R-94-1

    (August 1994). "NRRP/NRTS Bulletin Board Service Available," Vol R-94-2

    (August 1994). "Recreation Use Estimation Class Held," Vol R-94-2

    Schaefer, T.H.. (August 1994). "Evaluating the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Operations and Maintenance at Recreation Areas ," Vol R-94-2

    Rice, J.. (August 1994). "Good News!!," Vol R-94-2

    Briuer, F.. (August 1994). "GPS and GIS Technologies Find Cultural Resource Applications at Fort Jackson, South Carolina," Vol R-94-2

    (August 1994). "The World is Coming to Lake Sidney Lanier!," Vol R-94-2

    (August 1994). "Russ Tillman Joins ERRAP," Vol R-94-2

    (August 1994). "HQUSACE National Resources Management Perspective-"On Capitol Hill"," Vol R-94-2

    (August 1994). "Calendar of Events," Vol R-94-2

    Kirk, P.. (August 1994). "Effect of Reservoir Operations on Recreational Fisheries," Vol R-94-2

    Hamilton, R.. (December 1994). "Words Are Important," Vol R-94-3

    Allen, D.S.. (December 1994). "Regional Recreation Demand Model-Progress Report ," Vol R-94-3

    Hewmitt, D.. (December 1994). "Natural Resources Management Employee of The Year," Vol R-94-3

    (December 1994). "Calendar of Natural Resource-Related Events," Vol R-94-3

    Hewmitt, D.. (December 1994). "Okatibbee Lake, Mobile Distric, Named Project Of The Year," Vol R-94-3

    Lewis, D.E.. (December 1994). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective-"Making it Work"," Vol R-94-3


    (March 1993). "Natural Resources Technical Support (NRTS) Program," Vol R-93-1

    White, C.M.. (March 1993). "The "Big E" Challenge - Large-scale Graffiti Removal," Vol R-93-1

    Rice, J.. (March 1993). "An Update on the Automated Use Permit System," Vol R-93-1

    (March 1993). "NRRP Research Addresses Field Problems," Vol R-93-1

    (March 1993). "RecNotes Articles Requested," Vol R-93-1

    Lewis, D.E.. (March 1993). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective-Secretary Dorn's Recreation Policy Review," Vol R-93-1

    (March 1993). "NRRP Program Review Scheduled," Vol R-93-1

    Perales, M.K.. (August 1993). "The Visitation Estimation and Reporting System (VERS)," Vol R-93-2

    Titre, J., Vogel, J.. (August 1993). "WES Develops Process to Determine Carrying Capacity," Vol R-93-2

    Titre, J., Iversen, R.. (August 1993). "Workshop on Marina Development Held," Vol R-93-2

    Lewis, D.E.. (August 1993). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective-Natural Resources Management Careers," Vol R-93-2


    Lewis, D.E.. (October 1992). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective," Vol R-91-3

    DeMoss, T.A.. (October 1992). "Recent Developments in Campground Receipt Study Data Collection," Vol R-91-3

    (October 1992). "Natural Resources Management Career Development Committee," Vol R-91-3

    Huddleston, K.. (October 1992). "Computer Screen Problem for AUPS Use Solved," Vol R-91-3

    (October 1992). "Osprey Nesting Platforms - Southern Bell Style," Vol R-91-3

    (October 1992). "Natural Resources Management Career Development Steering Committee," Vol R-91-3

    (February 1992). "Research Related to the Natural Resources Research Program," Vol R-92-1

    Titre, J., Chilman, K.C.. (February 1992). "Coping With Problems of Overuse on Lakes ," Vol R-92-1

    Weiss, D.. (February 1992). "Teacher's In-Service Day - An Opportunity for Education," Vol R-92-1

    Farmer, J.. (February 1992). "Society's Gardener," Vol R-92-1

    (February 1992). "NRRP Program Review Scheduled," Vol R-92-1

    (February 1992). "RecNotes Articles Requested," Vol R-92-1

    Barry, J.P.. (February 1992). "A "Burn to Learn" exercise Provides Training and Save Money," Vol R-92-1

    Lewis, D.E.. (February 1992). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective - The Kansas Proposal," Vol R-92-1

    Henderson, J.E.. (May 1992). "Regional Recreation Demand Models," Vol R-92-2

    Strickland, M.; Staller, D.. (May 1992). "Cost-Effective Refuse Management for Campgrounds," Vol R-92-2

    (May 1992). "More Research Related to the Natural Resources Research Program," Vol R-92-2

    Savannah District Public Affairs Office. (May 1992). "Corps Regulations Save Man's Life," Vol R-92-2

    Lewis, D.E.. (May 1992). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective-Focus on Recreation," Vol R-92-2

    (August 1992). "Still More Research Related to the Natural Resources Reserch Program," Vol R-92-3

    Lewis, D.E.. (August 1992). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective-Secretary Dorn's Positon on the Corp's Recreation Program," Vol R-92-3

    (August 1992). "Western United States Wetlands Development and Restoration Training Course," Vol R-92-3

    Kazzi, J.. (August 1992). "Relieving Burden on Landfills Begins With Waste Rduction," Vol R-92-3

    White, C.. (August 1992). "Legislative History of Outdoor Recreation Fees ," Vol R-92-3

    (August 1992). "NRRP Research to Address Field Problems," Vol R-92-3


    Lewis, D.E.. (March 1991). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective - Environmental Management," Vol R-91-1

    Jackson, R.S., Propst, D.B.. (March 1991). "Economic Impact Analysis as a Tool in Recreation Program Evaluation," Vol R-91-1

    Barry, J.P.. (March 1991). "Cooperative Associations Provide Low-Cost Benefits to Corps Visitor Centers," Vol R-91-1

    Bryson, B.F.. (March 1991). "Brackett Assists Security Light Repairs," Vol R-91-1

    (March 1991). "Natural Resources Technical Support (NRTS) Program," Vol R-91-1

    (August 1991). "Michael Owen Given Award by CECW-ON," Vol R-91-2

    (August 1991). "Handicapped Sportsman Wild Turkey Hunt," Vol R-91-2

    Walker, F.. (August 1991). "Graham Lake MARSH Project, Sardis Lake, Mississippi," Vol R-91-2

    Huff, F.D.. (August 1991). "Extended District Office Concept," Vol R-91-2

    (August 1991). "Modification of McCurdy Boatramp," Vol R-91-2

    Bay Springs Resource Office. (August 1991). "Providing Security at Campgrounds During Winter," Vol R-91-2

    Purvis, G.T.. (August 1991). "Performance Indicators - Curse or Cure?," Vol R-91-2


    Hensley, D.K.. (March 1990). "Providing Potable Water to Recreation Areas - A Nonconventional Alternative," Vol R-90-1

    McWhorter, R.V.. (March 1990). "Landscaping with Native Plants - A Success Story at Okatibbee Lake," Vol R-90-1

    Lewis, D.E.. (March 1990). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective Historic Times," Vol R-90-1

    Hoagland, N.T.. (March 1990). "A Call to ARMS," Vol R-90-1

    (March 1990). "Human Lyme Disease Vaccine Research," Vol R-90-1

    (March 1990). "Corps at Rough River Lake Wins Award," Vol R-90-1

    (September 1990). "The Year of the Sweet-Smelling Toilet," Vol R-90-2

    Henderson, J.E.. (September 1990). "Regional Recreation Demand Models," Vol R-90-2

    Titre, J., Waring, M.R., Peyman-Dove, L.. (September 1990). "Workshop Held on Improving Operational Management Plans ," Vol R-90-2

    Jones, D.. (September 1990). "Site Availability Board ," Vol R-90-2

    Lewis, D.E.. (September 1990). "HQUSACE Natural Resources Management Perspective - Carreer Development Within the Natural Resources Management Program," Vol R-90-2

    Florence, S.. (September 1990). "Effective Control of Skunks in Campground Garbage Cans," Vol R-90-2

    Wahus, D.. (November 1990). "US Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Study," Vol R-90-3


    Chenoweth, D., Lee, S.. (1989). "Corps Training in Recreation Interpretation," Vol R-89-1

    Rolfes, S., Lazor, R.L., Smith, H.R., Allen, H.H.. (February 1989). "Low-Maintenance Prairie Restoration Demonstration at Saylorville Lake," Vol R-89-1

    (May 1989). Vol R-89-2

    Magley, M.. (May 1989). "Locating and Identifying Shoreline Allocation Zoning Boundaries," Vol R-89-2

    Samples, C.. (May 1989). "The Ultimate Swim Line," Vol R-89-2


    Hamilton, H.R.. (January 1988). "Management Conflicts at Multipurpose Lakes," Vol R-88-1

    Holmes, J.. (January 1988). "Recreation Facilities Guide," Vol R-88-1

    Barnett, R.. (January 1988). "Watchman's Clocks Used in Cooperative Law Enforcement Agreements," Vol R-88-1

    Merriman, S.. (March 1988). "Saving Lives with Water Safety Campaign," Vol R-88-2

    Fritschen, J.A.. (December 1988). "The Automated Use Permit System," Vol R-88-3


    (March 1987). "National Take Pride in America Awards," Vol R-87-1

    Titre, J., May, R.. (March 1987). "Determining Resource Capability for River Recreation," Vol R-87-1

    Grenfell, S.A.. (March 1987). "Why Did They Drown?," Vol R-87-1

    Bollman, D.A.. (March 1987). "Computerized Recreation Surveys," Vol R-87-1

    Strickland, D.. (August 1987). "Identifying Boundary Line Posts with Orange Pipe," Vol R-87-2

    Cantrell, J.C.. (August 1987). "Interpretation Helps Solve Problems at DeGray," Vol R-87-2

    (August 1987). "Natural Resources Technical Support (NRTS) Program," Vol R-87-2

    Hayes, D.. (August 1987). "Camcorder Used in Natural Resource Management," Vol R-87-2

    (November 1987). "Natural Resources Research Program Publications," Vol R-87-3


    (January 1986). "OCE Natural Resources Management Topics," Vol R-86-1

    McCormick, W., Roberts, P.. (January 1986). "Considerations for Planning and Managing an Off-Road Vehicle Area," Vol R-86-1

    Williamson, D.A.. (January 1986). "Shoreline Erosion Control," Vol R-86-1

    Marcy, J.B.. (January 1986). "Automatic Fuel-Monitoring System," Vol R-86-1

    Marcy, J.B.. (January 1986). "Reflective Pavement Markers to Enhance Visitor Safety," Vol R-86-1

    Ramsey, T.A.. (January 1986). "Volunteer-Operated First Aid Station," Vol R-86-1

    (April 1986). "Developmental Assignment Opportunity," Vol R-86-2

    Huelson, F.. (April 1986). Vol R-86-2

    Bollman, D.A.. (December 1986). "Camping Passes Provide "Customer Care"," Vol R-86-3

    Holmes, J.. (December 1986). ""Take Pride in America" Campaign," Vol R-86-3

    Lewis, D.E.. (December 1986). "National Take Pride in America Awards," Vol R-86-3

    Bauer, C.. (December 1986). "WES: Getting on the Inside Track," Vol R-86-3

    Brite, J.D.. (December 1986). "Orange Pipe for Beach Barrier," Vol R-86-4

    (December 1986). "Using the Natural Resources Technical Support (NRTS) Program," Vol R-86-4

    Kennedy, A.. (December 1986). "Single-Key Master System," Vol R-86-4

    Doby, R.S.. (December 1986). "Responding to Changing Recreation Needs Within the Constraints of an Authorized Project," Vol R-86-4

    Tessaro, N.. (December 1986). "Federal Recreation Symbol Signs," Vol R-86-4

    (December 1986). "OCE Natural Resources Management Topics," Vol R-86-4


    March, J.B.. (May 1985). "Volunteer Program Thrives," Vol R-85-1

    Marcy, J.B.. (May 1985). "Visitor Center Operations Contract Successful," Vol R-85-1

    (May 1985). "Little Rock District Employee Receives National Honors," Vol R-85-1

    (May 1985). "Update," Vol R-85-1

    Nat Res Mgmt Br, Omaha District. (May 1985). "Natural Resource Management in the Omaha District," Vol R-85-1

    (August 1985). Vol R-85-2

    Jackson, R.S., Waring, M.R., Hodgson, R.W.. (August 1985). "A Multiple-Survey Evaluation of Boating Conditions at Berlin Lake," Vol R-85-2

    Fritschen, J.A.. (August 1985). "Measuring the Effect of Stream Flow on Recreation Potential," Vol R-85-2

    Staller, D.. (August 1985). "Use of Traffic Teeth in Designing Entrance Stations," Vol R-85-2

    (August 1985). "Park Resource Management Workshop," Vol R-85-2

    (August 1985). "OCE Natural Resources Management Topics," Vol R-85-2

    (October 1985). "Movie," Vol R-85-3

    (October 1985). "Video Tapes," Vol R-85-3

    (October 1985). "President's Commission on Americans Outdoors," Vol R-85-3

    (October 1985). "Items of Interest," Vol R-85-3

    (October 1985). "Catalog of Natural Resources/Recreation Research Program Publications," Vol R-85-3


    Kennedy, C.L.. (January 1984). "Ma and Pa are Park Custodians at Lake Red Rock," Vol R-84-1

    Mills, A.S.. (January 1984). "Importance/Performance Analysis of Facilities and Services at Two Arkansas Projects," Vol R-84-1

    (January 1984). "State Recreation Planners Now Organized," Vol R-84-1

    Wadzinski, L.. (January 1984). "Corps Park Rangers' and Technicians' Perceptions of the Visitor Assistance Program," Vol R-84-1

    (March 1984). "Recent Publications," Vol R-84-2

    Westerdahl, H.E.. (March 1984). "Plant-Growth Regulators for Low-Cost Vegetation Management," Vol R-84-2

    Tillman, R.K.. (March 1984). "Your Role in the Natural Resources Research Program," Vol R-84-2

    (May 1984). "One-Stop R&D Service Available," Vol R-84-3

    Clay, J.. (May 1984). "Microcomputerized Energy Management Program," Vol R-84-3

    Hansen, W.. (May 1984). "Research Initiated on Economic Benefits and Impacts," Vol R-84-3

    Robbins, J.. (May 1984). "Nashville District Contributes Innovative Management Ideas," Vol R-84-3

    (May 1984). "Recent Publications," Vol R-84-3

    Perales, M.K.. (May 1984). "Some Thoughts on Use-Estimation Surveys," Vol R-84-3

    Fritschen, J.A.. (July 1984). "Management Through Communication," Vol R-84-4

    Shetron, S.G.. (July 1984). "Minimum-Maintenance Vegetation Management," Vol R-84-4

    Absher, R.G. Jr., Austin, K.G.. (July 1984). "Recreation Area Rehabilitation," Vol R-84-4

    Titre, J.; Waring, M.R.. (October 1984). "Water Use at Two Corps Campgrounds," Vol R-84-5

    Carey, M.W.. (1984). "The Other Side of the Story," Vol R-84-5

    (October 1984). "Mower Wounds Kill Trees and Shrubs," Vol R-84-5

    Robbins, J.. (October 1984). "Vocational Schools Can Help," Vol R-84-5

    Bauer, C.. (October 1984). "Movable Lantern Holders," Vol R-84-5

    Lawrence, L,, Titre, J.. (October 1984). "Measuring Recreation Area O&M Efficiency and Effectiveness," Vol R-84-5

    (October 1984). "Index to RecNotes Information Exchange Bulletin Articles," Vol R-84-5

    Waring, M.R.. (October 1984). "A Model Land-Use Plan for Fort Benning," Vol R-84-5


    (May 1983). "Ohio River Division Visitor Center Chicklist," Vol R-83-1

    Waring, M.R., Curtis, G.L.. (May 1983). "Key Indicators of Use at Corps of Engineers Recreation Areas," Vol R-83-1

    Ardner, J.. (May 1983). "Visitor Center Evaluation Checklist," Vol R-83-1

    (May 1983). "Outdoor Recreation Brochure Preferences," Vol R-83-1

    Leroy, J.. (August 1983). "Inspections Checklist for Routine Vehicle Maintenance," Vol R-83-2

    Grabensteder, D.. (August 1983). "Restricting Boat-Launching Areas Restricts Parties," Vol R-83-2

    Tumbun, T.. (August 1983). "Aerial Observation of Projects," Vol R-83-2

    Tanner, J.. (August 1983). "Mosquito Control Concepts," Vol R-83-2

    (August 1983). "Conservation Communication Scholarship Established," Vol R-83-2

    (August 1983). "Magnetic-Loop Traffic Counters," Vol R-83-2

    (August 1983). "Recent Publications," Vol R-83-2

    Duncan, A.. (August 1983). "Improving Safety in Swimming Areas," Vol R-83-2

    Smith, E.. (August 1983). "Contracting Maintenance Activities," Vol R-83-2

    (August 1983). "Inspections Checklist for Routine Vehicle Maintenance," Vol R-83-2

    Ruddle, M.. (August 1983). "Individual Trash Cans VS Green Boxes for Trash Collection," Vol R-83-2

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    (March 1982). "RRP Division/District Contacts," Vol R-82-1

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    (March 1982). "Did You Know….," Vol R-82-1

    (September 1982). "Interpretation for Management," Vol R-82-2

    (September 1982). "RRP Division/District Contacts," Vol R-82-2

    Fletcher, J.E.. (September 1982). "Visitor Safety and Security Demonstration Somerville, Texas," Vol R-82-2


    Fritschen, J.A. (October 1981). "Research in Interpretation," Vol R-81-1

    (October 1981). "Upcoming Events," Vol R-81-1

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    (March 1980). "On-Going Research," Vol R-80-1

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    (March 1980). "From the Field," Vol R-80-1

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    (June 1980). "Field Input Needed for New Research Effort ," Vol R-80-2


    (July 1979). "Recent Publications," Vol R-79-1

    (July 1979). "Recreational Carrying Capacity Study," Vol R-79-1

    (July 1979). "From the Field," Vol R-79-1

    (July 1979). "VPIS Ideas," Vol R-79-1

    (July 1979). "RecNotes Info Exchange," Vol R-79-1


    (1978). "From the Field," Vol R-78-1

    (1978). "Recreation Research Program In-Progress Review," Vol R-78-1

    (1978). "On-Going Research," Vol R-78-1

    (1978). "Recent Publications," Vol R-78-1

    (1978). "Upcoming Events," Vol R-78-1

    (1978). "Field Contacts," Vol R-78-1

    (May 1978). "Progress Reports on User Information System," Vol R-78-2

    (May 1978). "From the Field," Vol R-78-2

    (May 1978). "Recent Publications," Vol R-78-2


    (October 1977). "Genesis of Recreation Research Program," Vol R-77-1

    (October 1977). "Upcoming Events," Vol R-77-1

    (October 1977). "A Word About RecNotes," Vol R-77-1

    (October 1977). "Recent Publications," Vol R-77-1

    (October 1977). "From the Field," Vol R-77-1

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