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Risk and Decision Science

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The mission of the Risk and Decision Science Team (RaDS) is to improve decision-making and stakeholder engagement through application and development of risk and decision science techniques.

We serve a variety of USACE, DoD, and other government agencies, often in coordination with other government labs, academic research groups, and private interests.

We execute our mission through risk assessment, technology-supported stakeholder engagement, decision modeling, portfolio optimization, life cycle assessment, and software development.

Our research and tools help clients to describe relevant risks, identify and compare risk management alternatives, develop consensus among disparate stakeholder groups, and provide repeatable and transparent processes for future decisions.

Situated within ERDC, the U.S. Army’s premier research laboratory, the Risk and Decision Science Team brings together a unique combination of expertise and experience in helping decision-makers cope with complexity and uncertainty.

Team Lead and Point of Contact:
Igor Linkov, PhD


Updated June 2014
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