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Mississippi River Gulf Outlet - New Orleans District

Project Information

Fiscal Year: 2003 Project Dates: 2/5/03 - 7/11/03
Contract Number: DACW29-03-C-0013
Project Description: Dredging to restore project depth between Mile -4 & -9 (STA 3890+00-3980+00), Plaquemines Parish, LA.
Maintenace / New Work: Maintenance Federal / Regulatory: Federal
Total Project Cubic Yards: 2120000 Total Days of Dredging: 139 Total Hours of Dredging: 0
Type of Material: Silt, sand, clay Disposal Method(s) for Material: Dredge & haul mode
Total Turtle Takes: 8  
Observer Company Used: Coastwise Consulting

Predredge Trawling

Predredge Trawling Company: N/A  
Predredge Trawling? No
Are Predredge Reports Available? No
Loggerheads: 0 Greens: 0
Kemp's Ridley: 0 Other: 0

Relocation Trawling

Relocation Trawling? Yes
20 days of trawling, 4 females, 1 male, 2 unknown relocated; 2 loggerheads sighted on 5/14 swimming near trawler; loggerhead sighting on 5/24; dead loggerhead sighted on 5/21- obvious boat strike
Relocation Company: REMSA
Loggerheads: 7 Greens: 0
Kemp's Ridley: 0 Leatherbacks: 0
Hawksbill: 0
Total number turtles relocated: 7 Are Relocation Reports Available? Yes
Are Dredging Records Available? Yes Are original turtle take data still available? Yes
Description of mitigation measures/dates used: Deflectors, relocation trawling (5/12-6/1), windows (11/30-3/31)
Other Remarks: Surface water temperatures during the project ranged from 11.4°-30° C.

Dredges for Project:

Turtle Takes during Project:

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Updated: February 25, 2013
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