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Calcasieu River Bar Channel - New Orleans District

Project Information

Fiscal Year: 2009 Project Dates: 2/1/09 - 5/7/09
Contract Number: W912P8-09-C-0004
Project Description: On February 1, 2009 the hopper dredge NEWPORT began work in the Mile -1.4 to Mile -18.0 bar channel reach. The required depth of dredging was -44 feet Mean Low Gulf (MLG) and the dredging was 800 feet (full cut). All work was performed in either agitation mode, or in the dredge and hual mode with disposal into the ocean dredged material disposal site. During this period, the dredged worked 95 days between bar channel Mile -1.4 and Mile -18.0. A total of 270 loads of dredged material were collected. During this work period the NEWPORT removed a total of 10,667,508 CY of material (10,078,305 cubic yards by agitation and 589,203 cubic yards by dredge and haul). Below mid-depth water temperatures were not measured. Surface water temperatures ranged from a low of 53.6 F (12C) to a high of 73.4 F (23C).
Maintenace / New Work: Maintenance Federal / Regulatory: Federal
Total Project Cubic Yards: 10667508 Total Days of Dredging: 95 Total Hours of Dredging: 0
Type of Material: N/A Disposal Method(s) for Material: Agitation and ODMDS
Total Turtle Takes: 0  
Observer Company Used: Coastwise Consulting, Inc.

Predredge Trawling

Predredge Trawling Company: N/A  
Predredge Trawling? No
Are Predredge Reports Available? No
Loggerheads: 0 Greens: 0
Kemp's Ridley: 0 Other: 0

Relocation Trawling

Relocation Trawling? No
Relocation Company: N/A
Loggerheads: Greens:
Kemp's Ridley: Leatherbacks:
Total number turtles relocated: 0 Are Relocation Reports Available? No
Are Dredging Records Available? No Are original turtle take data still available? No
Description of mitigation measures/dates used: N/A
Other Remarks: N/A


Dredges for Project:

Turtle Takes during Project:

  • There were no turtle takes by a dredge

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