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Mississippi River Gulf Outlet - New Orleans District

Project Information

Fiscal Year: 2001 Project Dates: 4/18/01 - 6/13/01
Contract Number: DACW61-01-P-0176
Project Description: Maintenance dredging by the hopper dredge McFarland near New Orleans, Louisiana began when the observers arrived onboard on 18 April 2001 and continued through 29 May 2001 (Loads: 001-408). The coordinates for the area were in the vicinity of Latitude 29'28.325 N and Longitude 89'04.931 W. Two area trained observers were present onboard the dredge during all dredging operations working 12 hours each day covering 24 hours each day. Restore project depth between Miles -3.3 & -7.5
Maintenace / New Work: Maintenance Federal / Regulatory: Federal
Total Project Cubic Yards: 788375 Total Days of Dredging: 47 Total Hours of Dredging: 0
Type of Material: Clay only material reported Disposal Method(s) for Material: Dredge & haul mode
Total Turtle Takes: 11  
Observer Company Used:

Predredge Trawling

Predredge Trawling Company: N/A  
Predredge Trawling? No
Are Predredge Reports Available? No
Loggerheads: 0 Greens: 0
Kemp's Ridley: 0 Other: 0

Relocation Trawling

Relocation Trawling? No
Relocation Company: N/A
Loggerheads: Greens:
Kemp's Ridley: Leatherbacks:
Total number turtles relocated: 0 Are Relocation Reports Available? No
Are Dredging Records Available? No Are original turtle take data still available? Yes
Description of mitigation measures/dates used: Deflectors, Glynn Banks (ERDC) on board (6/9-6/13) to provide expertise to avoid turtle takes, no dredging between midnight & dawn (6/9-6/13), began dredging with 1 dragarm on down river side of dredge (6/7-6/13)
Other Remarks: This project experienced difficulties in dragarm use due to rapidly changing sea currents. Tropical storm system may have pushed a number of turtles into the area, thus making them vulnerable to dredging operations. Several sea turtles were sighted: CC (subadult 6/9, 6/12, 2 on 4/29), UNK (juv 6/9, 2 on 5/15, 3 on 5/23). Several sharks including hammerheads were also sighted from the dredge. An old turtle bone was found on 5/8 and not considered a take by the dredge.


Dredges for Project:

  • McFarland (4/18/01-5/28/01, 6/9/01-6/13/01)

Turtle Takes during Project:

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Updated: February 25, 2013
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