The Young Scientist's Introduction to Wetlands

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AUTHOR: Briuer, Elke ILLUSTRATIONS: Calais, Charles

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DESCRIPTION: The publication measures 8.5X11 in. and 15 pages must be printed to create a master, which can then be copied back to back. The reverse of the "contents" page is blank. The booklet serves educational needs for Grades K-5. It addresses: What is a wetland?; Wetland plants; Wetland animals; Wetland types (marsh, swamp, floodplain, etc.); Visiting a wetland; and Value of wetlands.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD: The file is in .pdf format and viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download the booklet: view in Adobe, then select from the browser menu File, Save As, and select a location to store the file. The booklet is a Federal Government publication and may be freely reproduced for your use. Pages should not be altered, and proper credits and attributions should be given if portions of the booklet are used. Bound copies of the booklet are on sale from the Government Printing Office for $1.50 per copy. Orders may be called in to (202) 512-1800; stock number is 008-022-00296-1; payment must be made to the "Superintendent of Documents." The publication can also be found for sale on-line through a private vendor.

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Updated October 13, 1999